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DMR-MARC partners with DMRPlus! Dongle access is here!

dv4mini dongle from wireless holdings
dv4mini dongle from wireless holdings

The HCCA Repeater N8OUZ in Traverse City, MI (442.2875) is a MotoTrbo repeater on the DMR-MARC network.

As such, this announcement applies to users of the system, which serves to announce access to new talkgroups accessible to dv4mini users, as well as users of other similar technologies. Here is the text from the official announcement”


DMR-MARC is pleased to announce a partnership with the DMRPlus network that will enable DV4mini USB dongles from Wireless Holding, to access the DMR-MARC network.

Today, we are launching three new DMR-MARC talkgroups: talkgroup 133 (DMRPlus USA), talkgroup 143 (DMRPlus UK), and talkgroup 153 (DMRPlus South Pacific), which will allow interconnection between the DMR-MARC and DMRPlus networks using timeslot 1. In the coming months, we are also planning to launch additional interconnected talkgroups, including three German language talkgroups, a French language talkgroup, and a Spanish language talkgroup as well.

These new talkgroups are currently set up as “on-demand”, which can be enabled using the PTT and have a 10-minute inactivity timeout on our eight core DMR-MARC bridges. We will begin rolling out these talkgroups to our core DMR-MARC repeaters while we evaluate the loading on our gateway that connects the DMR-MARC and DMRPlus networks. If we determine the loading is acceptable, we will then roll these new talkgroups out to all of our other bridges for wider distribution. Please note that there is no plan at this time to roll out these new talkgroups to other DMR networks outside of the core DMR-MARC bridges.

We believe our partnership with DMRPlus network provides us with better options for experimentation using the DMR-MARC network, while at the same time, maintain the high degree of reliability that the DMR-MARC has become known for, allowing us to serve our communities during times of emergency when our network is needed the most.

Stay tuned for more announcements related to these talkgroups as they are made available to DMR-MARC repeaters in your local area.


The DMR-MARC Leadership Team

Additional information on this partnership is available via these links:

DMR-MARC announces deal with the DMRPlus network for DV4mini support


amateur radio DMR DMR-Marc HCCA MotoTrbo

Callsign Update: N8OUZ

As of 6/14/2016, the new Callsign for the Houghton County Communications Authority club has been changed from KC8PBX to N8OUZ.

The DMR-MARC MotoTrbo repeater in Traverse City has been updated accordingly.

DMR MotoTrbo repeaters Traverse City

KC8PBX 442.2875 and N8CN 444.400 repeater update

Two items:


1 – KC8PBX DMR-MARC repeater

Well, a couple weeks ago, the PA unit fried in the XPR-8400 due to a bug in the latest firmware which causes the repeater to constantly transmit garbage if beaconing is not enabled for at least 2s every 2m.

I’ve replaced the TX PA unit twice, but serial number mismatch issues have prevented the repeater from coming online.


TL;DR version: repeater is a brick.

I’ve recently removed it from service for repair, and replaced it with a Yaesu DR-1X SystemFusion repeater.

More updates as progress is made.



2 – N8CN 444.400+ (PL 114.8 optional) is online and functional. It is experimental and has a remote base link to 146.860- (PL 114.8) and is also available as echolink node ID 288970.

The range is about 5 miles from the area of Barlow and South Airport in Traverse City. Not much, but enough for me and my experiments, which is its purpose. But, all are free to play.






Digital Radio DMR MotoTrbo Traverse City

DMR-Marc MotoTrbo Traverse City repeater status report

DMR-MARC – Traverse City MI
KC8PBX 442.2875 +5 MHz Color Code 1

Time Slot #1 – Group Call 1 = Worldwide All Languages 
                (PTT activated with 5 min inactivity timeout)
Time Slot #1 – Group Call 3 = North America
Time Slot #1 – Group Call 13= Worldwide English
Time Slot #1 – Group Call 310= TAC 310 (PTT Activated with 5 min inactivity timeout)

Time Slot #2 – Group Call 2 = Northern Michigan Local
Time Slot #2 – Group Call 8052 = MI Statewide (Mi5)
Time Slot #2 – Group Call 3169 = Midwest Regional

You Must Have [ARS] Disabled Within Your Radio
Contact Name: Joe Erlewein, N8OUZ Email:
The repeater is on a 40ft tower South and West of downtown Traverse City. It has reportedly good HT coverage of the downtown and surrounding areas. We have received reports of good coverage in all directions by mobile users with mobile radios and magnetic/permanent vehicle antennas.

Program your radios: 442.2875+

Time Slot #1 – Group Call 1 = World Wide

Time Slot #1 – Group Call 3 = U.S. / English Speaking Countries
Time Slot #2 – Group Call 2 =  Chicagoland Repeaters Only
Time Slot #2 – Group Call 3169 =  Midwest Repeaters Only

Antenna is ~30ft near Barlow and South Airport in Traverse City, MI and covers downtown fairly well on mobile or HT on high power.
The repeater will be moving to a tower just South and West of downtown when the snow is gone. Power will be increased, HAAT will increase, and performance should be much better.
FYI the repeater callsign is currently KC8PBX as it is operated by the Houghton County Communications Authority which has a club callsign.