OpenRepeater Project goes Beta!

This afternoon I received an email from the OpenRepeater project.


They have their first PUBLIC BETA ready for RaspberryPi B+, BeagleBone Black, and Odroid C-1.

I’ve yet to try anything out yet, but am VERY anxious, as I’ve been eyeing this project for a while, hoping it still had a pulse. As it turns out, it’s VERY MUCH alive!

Even the write-up and setup instructions are well-laid-out, thorough, and simple. You can see them as well as download an image of your flavor of choice at:

I’m super excited and as I’m typing this, I’m signing up for the forums section on the site.


More to come, I am very sure!



KC8PBX Traverse City MotoTrbo Repeater – 442.2875

We’ve updated the Talk Groups that are in each TimeSlot for the repeater here in TVC.
Here are the updated settings:

TimeSlot TalkGroup Name Type Purpose
1 3  N.America PTT-activated North America
1 13 WW English permanent World-Wide English-Speaking
1 100 Tech-Talk permanent Technical Discussions
1 3169 Midwest permanent MI-IL-WI-OH area
2 2 N. Michigan permanent Northern Michigan
2 8052 CMEN-MI-SW permanent Link to CMEN TS2/TG52


1) Added “Tech Talk” TG 100 on TS 1.  This is for discussing technical projects. There is a web blog that goes hand and hand with this talkgroup to promote sharing of technical ideas and networking with great people:  This TG uses open source DMRlink (not the C-bridge).  There are about a dozen repeaters on this TG currenetly with plans to double that number as a maximum.

2) Midwest 3169 has moved to slot 1 also.

3) MI statewide is TS2 TG8052 which is connected to the CMEN (not DCI) network of 15 or so repeaters.  This maps to their TG52 on slot 2. (reasoning: CMEN used a slightly unorthodox talk group ID system, so DMR-MARC TG 8052 (coordinated) maps to their TG 52.


Also, here is an updated coverage map!

KC8PBX Coverage Map
Predictive coverage of the KC8PBX MotoTrbo repeater – Courtesy Radio Mobile Online –

Joe N8CN