KC8PBX DMR-MARC repeater update

There’s good news and bad news.

First, the bad news:
Effective May 18, 2016, TS2 TG8052 (the Link from DMR-MARC to Mi5-StateWide2) has been terminated.

The Mi5 have decided to port their Mi5 talkgroup to Brandmeister (which is a competitor to the C-bridge used by DMR-MARC).

DMR-MARC desires to have NOTHING to do with Brandmeister due to the illicit development of BM by stealing code from other people without permission or reverse engineering protocols which can have a detrimental effect on the reliability of the network.

In addition, the BM folks have a policy of any talkgroup they syndicate can be used anywhere.

Also, there are several flaky DV4mini dongles on there that burp every couple of minutes with garbage packets.  We did not want to have to listen to that.

Lastly, we have ZERO control over accidental packet loopings (patching talkgroups with 2 origins) and that could mean failed hardware or at the very least annoying audio loops.  The BM system is basically decentralized, and as such, no one is responsible for making sure the system operates without issue. Think of it as Echolink, Allstar, D-Star, and DMR all thrown into one pot with little or no rules.

Due to the actions of the Mi-5 team, as of May 18, 2016, the DMR-MARC team have severed the connection to Mi-5, and the Mi5-SW2 group (TG52 on Mi5, TG8045 on DMR-MARC) will no longer reach the Mi-5 networks.

The issue was discovered late in the day on May 17 and we discussed a communicated and scheduled disconnection, but by early May 18, had discovered some serious security issues with the Link to Mi-5 being subject to passing data associated to the BM networks.



Now, the good news:

DMR-MARC is taking steps to clarify its administration, standards, mission and goals. At a meeting on 5/19, members of DMR-MARC discussed options related to Brandmeister, DMRPlus, and other topics. The short and vague version is that within the next few months, we expect to see some progressive and impressive changes to the network offerings among DMR-MARC systems. As I type this, plans are being made to design a sane and scalable Talkgroup topology and distribution system which will allow linking to the DMRPlus networks. Those with DV4mini (and similar) products will be able to be reachable from DMR-MARC networks.


Some review:

TimeSlot TalkGroup Name Type Purpose
1 3  N.America PTT-activated North America
1 13 WW English permanent World-Wide English-Speaking
1 100 Tech-Talk permanent Technical Discussions
1 3169 Midwest permanent MI-IL-WI-OH area
2 2 N. Michigan permanent Northern Michigan
2 8052 CMEN-MI-SW permanent Link to CMEN TS2/TG52

You’ll notice TS2 is pretty “light” and that is troublesome.
Depending on the anticipated wait time for the new DMRPlus TGs and some talk group reorganization at the C-bridge levels, the above might need to be adjusted somewhat as well..

sooooooo…. don’t go reprogramming your radios just yet. Hang on for a bit and I’ll publish a new list of TGs that will for sure be an upgrade 🙂


73- Joe N8CN


One reply on “KC8PBX DMR-MARC repeater update”

I just thought you’d like to know that the “Contact us” feature on the DMR MARC website doesn’t work. I did consider joining the DMR-MARC FB group to declare this but lost enthusiasm for that after checking the messages revealed that few are ever answered. An out of date website with a non functional Contact feature and an uncommunicative FB group serves to deliver a bad impression. You seem to be a bit active in the DMR-MARC department. Would you be kind enough to pass on my observations to …well… anybody, really. On the off chance that you can help me out in my enquiries, the paragraph below indicates my concern.

I’m aware there have been some changes in DMR-MARC lately. When using my SharkRF OPenspot, I discovered that neither of the DMR-MARC servers ‘Europe and Africa’ or the ‘NAm East’ servers ever connected. In the status dropdown they consistently show ‘connector connecting’. The other two DMR-MARC servers, ‘NAm West and VK/ZL’ and ‘NAm Central’ consistently go to status ‘standby’, which is what should normally happen.

Does this mean that ‘Europe and Africa’ and the ‘NAm East’ servers are
(A) not yet in service
(B) have malfunctioned or
(C) demand a special, non standard password as does the UK BM server?

Thanks for reading,

73 de G0BVZ, Vic

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