HiDPI on Windows 10: Post 2 – it’s about snark now, more than tech

Post 1’s tip about the Compatibility change was brought to you by my coworker Dave.

Dave also has developed some dissatisfaction for the poor support of HiDPI on Windows 10.

His experience today was taking his laptop to a meeting, using the Sticky-Note app to make some notes.
Upon returning to his desk and docking his laptop, the note on his Dell U2415 AwesomeDisplay(tm) was about 4″ by 5″, occupying much of one side of the screen.

Words were used that I can’t repeat here. His later observance is that in 2018 we’re supposed to have flying cars and jetpacks. But we can’t have nice things because people are apparently eating tide pods and windows can’t support external displays properly.

This post from 2015 ( ) is going to be 3 years old in a matter of months. Yet it’s still relevant because Microsoft hasn’t resolved the root issues: Windows HiDPI support is crap. Microsoft is quick to say “we’re working on it” with blog posts like this almost-year-old gem:
Yet, still broken.  A month later, Microsoft seems to be “reinventing the wheel” working on scaling in this post’s content: and guess what? Still BROKEN.

I tell ya, I use the SAME exact monitor layout in that last blog post. One laptop with Super Hi Rez and two decent monitors that are 1080p or slightly better. Using this configuration with my MacBook Pro, there’s not even a subtle hint at issues, drama, angst, blur or distortion. It doesn’t make you want to kill yourself. Sleep the MBP and substitute a Win10 laptop and HOLY CROW I MUST BE CRYING BLOOORD

And that’s how it looks. And Dave’s right. That’s why we can’t have nice things.


More on this later. I’m still actually looking for improvements to this technically morose situation. Google is either failing me or it “really is that bad”.

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