syncing mp3 files to the cloud!

So, one of the disappointments I have found with broadcastify / radioreference streaming is the lack of being able to listen to the archives of the stream.  (of course, by “disappointment” I mean “darn, I wish it was free.” I completely understand the need for the company to make money, and the need to offer “premium services” to achieve that. I digress.)

Since I’m generating mp3 dump files locally, and I’m trimming silence, why not pump these to the cloud into a shared folder?

Enter Copy by Barracuda to solve my issues. There’s a Linux version of the end-user client program.


Setting it up was trivial, I downloaded Copy.tgz and expanded it into a folder.

I made my synchronized folder “~/Copy” for simplicity.

For further simplicity, I moved the x86 binary folder to ~/.copy/ where config is kept (also a good thing to note)

Once it’s set up, invocation is simple. I’m running it live currently, under a screen session, and will probably daemonize it soon. For now, on a screen session, I invoke with:

~/.copy/CopyConsole -root=~/Copy


So, now after midnight, I changed the “dump path” of the finished file from the previous day to go to ~/Copy/Scans/2015/ where it is then detected, and synchronized to “the great big cloud in the sky.”


check it out here:

You’ll find a 2014 and a 2015 directory. There’s also a Misc directory (empty as of now) because I had some files I didn’t datestamp.


Sure, this isn’t as elegant as whatever time-stamped version of the “scanner wayback machine” that broadcastify uses, but it works and it didn’t cost me anything, and I own the archives. Always handy incentives. 🙂



Joe N8CN



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